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Employers today face many difficult challenges. Providing a safe work environment with qualified employees is just one. That is where a company like Keysearch, LLC, Employment Screening can help.

Our goal is to offer companies quality service and information at a low cost.

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KeySearch, LLC, is composed of a diversified, well-trained group of professionals with vast experience in the administrative, management and technological fields. By pooling our varied areas of expertise, we are well equipped to deliver superior service. Our staff performs all services with the highest level of efficiency and ethical standards.

We do not want to be just a vendor providing a service... our goal is to be an extension of your Human Resources Department.

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Here are some of our key services

Criminal Record Search

Determines felony and/or misdemeanor records. A vital report for anyone hiring people who will work with money, company records, drugs, valuabel inventory or come in contact with the public. Essential to avoid legal liability from negligent hiring.

Keysearch provides access to the largest criminal research sources in the country, as well as international database searches.

Federal Criminal Search

This reports the records of crimes committed against Federal criminal laws. This information will not be included in any state or county record.

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)

From Department of Motor Vehicles. An excellent tool to help determine if the applicant is a "responsible person," and how outside behavior might impact their attendance and their health care claims. A necessity for those who drive company vehicles or those who drive their own vehicles on company business.

Keysearch provides the ability to run full MVRs for all 50 states as well as ongoing monitoring for your clients.

Social Security Number

Search can find the current and previous addresses of any person on file, indentified by his/her social security number. Includes telephone number, aliases, age, employment and salary information, if available.

Education Confirmation

Confirms that the subject actually attended the college, the number of years and the precise degree received, if any.

Prior Employment Verification

Confirms employment, dates, posititons, job performance, and rehire status.

Reference Check

Checks professional or personal references.

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How do you know that the applicant you are considering has been truthful on his or her application?

Here are some actual KeySearch, LLC, stories regarding...

Education Verifications

Helen, an Executive Assistant, had worked at the small utility company for 27 years. She was an exemplary employee and was well respected by all of her co-workers. The company was purchased by a large corporation that obtained a thorough background check on each new employee. Helen had stated that she received a degree from a specific University. When speaking with the college, it was learned that Helen had never attended the college. Because Helen had lied on her application, she was turned down for employment with the new company.

Employment Verifications

Jessica, an accounting clerk, had applied for a bookkeeping position in a hospital. She had stated that she had left her former employer because of sexual harassment by her supervisor. When the employer was contacted, and asked if it were true that she left due to sexual harassment, KeySearch, LLC, learned that Jessica was terminated due to embezzlement charges, and that her trial was forthcoming. A criminal history investigation confirmed the embezzlement charges.

Monica, a Nurses' Aide in a nursing home, stated that she had left her former employer due to personal reasons. When asked if she was eligible for rehire, it was learned that Monica was terminated due to elder abuse. The nursing home was taking action and the investigation was pending.

Social Security Verification

Robert had completed a Release Authorization when applying for a new job. When asked where he had lived for the last seven (7) years, Robert had listed two cities. The client had requested that we verify Robert's Social Security number and obtain criminal histories in the cities that were listed on the Social Security verification. Robert had failed to list one city that he lived in. When we received the criminal history for that particular city, Robert had an extensive theft record, and had served time in jail.

Criminal Histories

Anthony, a factory worker, had applied for a position with a large manufacturing company. He stated that he had not been charged with any felony charges. The client requested a criminal history on the applicant. Not only did Anthony have several felony charges, he also had a Warrant out for his arrest.

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